Saturday, December 29, 2012

Self Portrait in Red Sweatshirt

I started this painting on Christmas Eve, and finished it last night.  When working on quickie personal projects like this, I duct tape pre gessoed canvas to a masonite drawing board, and stretch it later.  I have a bunch of canvas that I use just for this.  I keep about 4 different types of canvas in the studio all the time.  The finer work goes on a fairly heavy Belgian linen, and the big stuff goes on heavy canvas.  I have another linen that is almost like silk.

The palette for this piece is limited; Burnt Umber, Raw Sienna, Indian Red, Mars Black, Zinc White, and just a touch of Cerulean Blue.

Here is a brief plug.  My daughter got me really hooked on Spotify.  I have been rediscovering loads of music, and I spend more time at the easel.  Look out Sirius, you might get replaced.

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  1. This portrait is very intense and contemplative. Wonderful and intriguing work.