Monday, January 21, 2013

Painting and watching CNN

"Alice" oil on linen.

Working and watching CNN on this inauguration day.  The most memorable inaugural parade was the day Alice was born in 1989.  We had a room with a TV in the hospital, and it was quite nice.  I have this vivid memory of the doctor sitting in the corner of the room eating a sandwich, and casually looking over Amy's chart.  The parade was on TV, and the president was walking alongside of the limo.  The nurse announced that the baby was about to arrive, the doctor looked up and calmly said, "time for baby." A minute later, Alice arrived.  Just like that.  The next day she greeted her big sister Dorothy.  Dorothy was just a month shy of her second birthday, and not sure what had just happened.
We still have Alice's first pair of scuffed and well worn sneakers in the kitchen.

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